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            7v7 Travel Teams


EASA Travel teams compete in highly competitive national 7v7 events. Players are invited to join this league through the evaluation process. They have been recruited as the best athletes from Flag Football, Pop Warner and local high school teams. We are excited to work with players with the talent and drive to be the very best. 

Registration - $250

Due Now 

Practice - $10 per practice min 1 practice per week

Strength Training, Mobility & Position Specific Training - $50/month (optional)

This covers the cost of the trainers, coaches, weight room and facility uses. 

High School Strength Training Program:

Focuses on developing fast twitch muscles, explosiveness, functional movement, core strength so our athletes are bigger, stronger and faster on the field. 


Youth Strength Training Program:
Focuses on body weight exercises, core strength, running mechanics, proper lifting techniques, plyometric, nutritional education and injury prevention.


Mobility Training Program:

Camp will focus on preventing the most common adolescent injuries including muscle sprains/strains, ACL tears, shine splits and lower back pain. We will teach athletes proper warm-up techniques and stretching.

Speed & Agility Program: 

Hurdles, ladders, various cone drills will be used to get athletes more agile, better at angles and ready to perform. Focusing on form running, and  fast twitch muscles that will be needed to preform at their highest level.  


Position Specific Training:

Coaches will work with athletes once a week at getting better at their positions. QB,WR,TE,RB,DB,LB


EASA Travel Teams will attend the following tournaments

Tournament dates 

March 2nd  SD Elite  San Diego 

March 3rd Rising Stars Tournament  Downey CA

March 30th EA Tournament Escondido High School

March 31st Passing Down Fontana CA

April 6&7th IMG Irvine CA 

April 13th King of SoCAl Tournament Mesa High School

Fees for tournaments are to be determined and are not included. Locations to be announced. 


Subject to change*

Friday - 7pm 

Los Alamos Sports Park

Team Practice, Speed & Agility, Position Specific


Wednesday - Rep’s Training Facility or Weight Room



Thursday’s – Floating, each week we will notify you of the location for training.


Friday is a required training day for the athletes.

Other days are suggested for development but will be an optional days. Although they are not required to attend athletes are responsible for notifying coach each week whether they will be there or not. 



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