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EASA All Star Series teams will have the top elite youth athletes in the 2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th, 6th &  7th & 8th grade. Teams are made of two 18-25 player rosters. Each athlete has been individually selected to play in the EASA All Star Series. All Star Series started in February 2018 in Huntington Beach California with the North vs South Game. North vs South teams were made up of player from Southern California and player from Ohio, Philadelphia, Texas and New York. West Coast Rivals All Star game was played in June 2018. West Coast rivals roster was made up from players from Nevada, Washington, Utah, California, Mexico to name a few. December 2018 the Red vs White All Star Series and was played by athletes all across the nation. February 2019 EASA will be taking its all star series to Las Vegas Nevada for the Las Vegas Classic. Following the Las Vegas Classic in April EASA is st to take on the Rhode Island very own Levittown Red Devils in Orange County California. May 2019 EASA Texas will be bringing teams to San Diego California to compete against EASA California. In June, Team EASA California vs Team EASA Arizona will play in the Summer Sun Bowl. The rosters will be made up of athletes from California and Arizona .  EASA Summer Sun Bowl will be played on June 22nd 2019 in the amazing city of San Diego, California. 


EASA All Star Series provides a platform for youth athletes to showcase

their abilities on a national stage. Bringing the best youth athletes to

the spotlight gives them the opportunity to compete and show their













Location: San Diego California 

June 22nd, 2019


Event Hotel: TBA

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