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EA Academy

 An education option for home school athletes
EA Academy School Schedule

EA Academy follows the traditional school schedule of the major school districts in the area. Summer classes and tutoring will be available.

School Hours: 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Monday - Thursday
Some Fridays will be used for Field Trips

It is expected that students are on site for the full academic program day to gain the full benefit of the cost of the program. Students, not on site for the program will need to make up missed assignments or complete equivalent assignments with their parent as their teacher.


Elite Athlete Sports Academy

Reps Training Facility

41795 Elm St Suite 303 Murrieta, CA 92562

Joe Walker
Gym Owner/ Trainer/ Educator



Welcome to EA Academy, where your middle school student athlete will learn what it takes to be elite on and off the field. We will accomplish this with small class sizes located in our sports training facility. The 2018 semester, will carry no more than 20 students and 3 mentors and 1 teacher. All students accepted into EA Academy must be involved in higher level sports programs outside of school. Each student athlete must be committed to pursuing college as both a scholar and an athlete. Academic aptitude must be at grade level. Students on IEP’s will be considered on a case by case basis.

The Elite Program

Our program involves a full hour+ of athletic training every day. A daily Health, Nutrition and Kinesiology class is also included in our program. 


Unique to our program is the Socratic learning method. With Socratic learning, students learn to learn. Students create questions to investigate, organize research and make presentations to showcase their knowledge. EA Academy creates an atmosphere of academic and personal accountability. As athletes, they will be called upon to answer for themselves with teammates, coaches and even the media. Confident learners make confident leaders.

Currently, the students are enrolled through Time4Learning homeschooling program, but are expected to come to school and training as directed and follow the EA Academy school schedule. Families will now have the option to enroll their students with School students will receive instructional funds that will assist families with tuition for our academy. This switch will not affect the academic program, it will only change the way the student’s transcripts are kept. We anticipate this switch to occur until 2018 school year.

Code of Conduct

EA Academy is a small learning environment for middle school students. Our focus is to foster leaders in the classroom, on the field, and in life. Behavior situations will be addressed with parents and students. However, we have zero tolerance for stealing, fighting, verbal and physical bullying, drugs, and alcohol. Behavior of this type will call for immediate withdrawal from the program, and proper authorities will be contacted if necessary.

Copying and/or plagiarism will also not be accepted. Students who copy work or plagiarize, will not get credit for the assignment. Continued copying or plagiarizing will result in probation, or suspension from the program.  This topic can be difficult for some students to understand. EA Academy teaches students to be accountable, summarize, and cite sources to the best of the student’s ability. Therefore, copying and plagiarism should not become an issue.

EA Academy is located in an athletic training facility with expensive and potentially dangerous equipment. Horseplay will not be tolerated. The gym motto is: Respect the Gym, Respect Others, Respect Yourself. Gym rules are posted throughout the facility. Coaches will also verbalize specific gym behavior expectations. These rules are expected to be followed for the safety of the student athlete. Athletic-type shoes and clothing must be worn in the facility at all times.

EA Academy is open for parents to observe and/or assist. Parents are expected to conduct themselves as they would for any other school and/ or workout facility. Parents must sign in if they are going observe or assist.


EA Academy is a schooling option for homeschooled 5th-8th grade students. Students are officially enrolled in Time4Learning home school academy, a registered California homeschool. EA Academy offers a facility and a teaching staff to assist students through their school day. EA Academy will provide student grades to the parent and to Time4Learning. EA Academy does reserve the right to inform Time4Learning if a student is not making adequate progress. It is expected that students are on site for the full academic program day to gain the full benefit of the cost of the program. Students, not on site for the program will need to make up missed assignments or complete equivalent assignments with their parent as their teacher.


Special Note
The focus of the EA Academy program is to provide a quality schooling environment for middle school student athletes (5th through Advanced 8th grade). Our academic priority is to utilize the California State Standards and beyond. Student enrolled in EA Academy will have a chance to explore standards based concepts in an individualized manner. EA Academy graduates will then go on to be elite high school student athletes at their respective schools. It is our job to prepare them for that task. We look forward to seeing them shine on and off the field throughout high school and college.

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